Stealth bars are gassed and ready for recon

Simworks has a final batch of 3 of our Stealth finish handlebars available again. In this initial offering, we’ve got 3 favorites- each with their own distinct shape and personality.

Handlebar selection should be a critical consideration when piecing together a new bike build or attempting to improve upon a bike that you’re already riding. Our handlebars essentially dictate the position and orientation of our hands in relation to the rest of the bike we are piloting – so subtle differences in shapes and dimensions can have real impacts on the handling characteristics of our bikes, as well as our comfort as riders. Simworks has always tried to strike a balance between crafting thoughtful handlebars that place our hands in positions that we are fairly accustomed to while putting an emphasis on pleasure and comfort instead of boring and unattractive or uncomfortable shapes that are common because they are inexpensive to manufacture or easily recognizable.

Our intention with the Stealth Handlebars was to take profiles from within our beloved lineup of Chromoly bars and adapt them to a lighter-weight, slightly wider version crafted from heat-treated Aluminum in lieu of steel.

We wanted our splash in to this market to be accentuated by offering these new bars in a color that was a departure from your run of the mill silver and black. If you can look at our bars and smile at their shapes, we also want you to admire their hues, and when you see a fellow Simworks cyclist out and about- that unique color and shape will sing.

FUN 3 Stealth / 750mm / 31.8mm clamp / 20mm rise / 35° backsweep

The Simworks Fun3 bar was originally created in Chromoly and quickly found a home amongst a devoted tribe of revelers. A lot of handlebars created in this style incorporate 2 bends to achieve the desired rise and sweep away from the center clamp area. Fun3 is after a similar end goal with 20mm of rise and a generous 35 degree backsweep to get your hands back and slightly up- but we throw an extra kink in that bar, because sometimes we just don’t want to take the shortest path. Offered here in our wider 750mm width, it’s a modern take on a trusted comfort bar. It’s a suitable option for a wide range of cycles and offers comfort and smooth handling in spades.

MowMow Stealth / 750mm / 31.8mm clamp / 38mm rise / 9° backsweep

Momwow can probably be characterized as the most traditionally shaped riser style bar in our line-up. It’s shape is akin to many a modern riser bar that you might find on a trail shredder or urban assault vehicle. That 750mm width gives riders an ample dose of leverage for quickly changing their path. Minimal in its rise and overall sweep, Mowmow hits a sweet spot for facilitating quick handling with comfortable ergonomics; while offering a position from which to really drive the front end of the bike toward your intended destination.

CowCow Stealth / 750mm / 31.8mm clamp / 80mm rise / 12° backsweep

When we conceived of CowCow Stealth, we wanted to offer a refined take on the high-riser bar. Some times the most pleasurable rides are the ones that allow us to take an opportunity to get our heads up and really look around. This often starts with getting our hands up first, and CowCow’s 80mm of rise and 12° backsweep offer the ability to do just that. Whether you’re looking for that cruiser aesthetic, or you’re just after a more comfortable riding position, or the encouragement to slow down a bit and take in the sights with a bit more ease, CowCow will help lift your hands and your spirits, and instantly remind you that riding bikes can just be fun.

Within these bar options is an ideal handlebar for almost any rider. Give some consideration to how the rest of your bike is set up, how you see typically wanting to ride your bike, and where you see wanting your hands. Ergonomic considerations for comfort over “performance” and aesthetics will often result in a more pleasurable riding experience- and your body will likely thank you as well- which will make you more inclined to want to ride your bike.

Ultimately, we’re here to help make you want to ride your bike as much as possible.