Nightmares of Ano

The last batch and the last Stealth color series products are up and in stock in the web store. It’s a great finish, but each one has a little color blur, so we’d like to tell you in advance. It is difficult to produce exact color matches, but please use it as a reference for assembly.

As a surface treatment for aluminum materials, anodizing / anodic oxide film treatment and excellent treatment. It’s rare to encounter aluminum products in the industry that aren’t anodized due to the tremendous corrosion and wear resistance that it offers.

The common drawback of anodized aluminum is the color blur that we’ll discuss briefly here. The blurring that occurs for each batch can be frustrating and discouraging. Dye concentration, chemical temperature, agitation, and time are all factors that can effect anodizing treatment. It is extremely difficult to reproduce the color because it is a process that cannot be redone. Furthermore, even if the same lot is subjected to the exact same dyeing process, the shade will be affected by the difference in the material and surface condition of the parts to be dyed. The aluminum material used for bicycles is actually an alloy (duralumin), which has standard names such as 2000 series to 7000 series, and is used appropriately by tweaking ano batches to respond advantageously to each characteristic. Naturally, the surface properties of substrates are also different, which makes strict color matching difficult. In addition, even if the same material is used, the facial expression will naturally differ depending on whether the surface is mirror-polished and smooth, or if the surface has fine irregularities due to shot blasting processes, or other texturing methods. Thus, the optics of how the shades are perceived can also differ.

Because of these difficulties, most of the bicycle parts you see available in the marketplace are either silver and black. If you’ll look closely however, you can notice extreme variations in coloring even within these “2” options. It may be unavoidable that it will happen if you proceed with the design to minimize troubles and risks. But it’s boring with such monochrome options. We’ve looked to some of the most esteemed component builders for courage and motivation in offering memorable colors of our own. As with the world, it’s definitely fun to have a variety of unique bikes. We often think about this when planning SimWorks products.