SimWorks by Nitto

シムワークス by 日東

Globalization has driven industry abroad to overseas markets in order to pursue profit through cheaper labor. The result is a consolidation of factories in a very small amount of places. This has created super factories in areas like China and Southeast Asia, these super factories make the majority of everyone’s product under one massive roof. We believe that in order to create the objects of your imagination you must be very close to the desk that you make them come alive at. Being close to your dreams gives you insight, being close to where it is made allows you to control the quality. To be mindful of quality a manufacture must control the production of their idea from under the same roof as which they dreamed it. In Japan, there are a lot of craftsmen who share our beliefs. Nitto is one of them. We come together to combine our ideas and their craftsmanship. The results are an amazing chemical reaction guided by generations of experience. We promise to produce original ideas and incredible items. We are SimWorks.