SimWorks by Velocity / Standalone 001 – Polished

The Oxford English Dictionary gives three distinct definitions for the term ‘polished’….

  • shiny, as a result of being rubbed.
  • accomplished and skillful.
  • refined, sophisticated, or elegant.

How fitting that our newly offered Polished Standalone 001 rims from our partners at Velocity would embody all three of these definitions.

SimWorks is pleased to now offer Standalone 001 in a beautiful high-polished finish, to sate the eyes and hearts of a refined group of cycling enthusiasts – who have a taste for that classic polished aluminum aesthetic that has been a recurring hallmark of some of the most celebrated and horded components that the industry has put out over the decades – as well as some of our own beloved products within the greater SimWorks catalogue of goods.

When we released Standalone 001 rims a couple of years ago now, it was our hope that the reception to the rim would be positive enough that we could justify the production of some limited batch runs of unique colors and finishes. To complement that elegant luster that has become synonymous with most of our products from the masters at Nitto and Honjo- we are thrilled to now be able to offer a newly minted SimWorks icon product that carries on a rich tradition of polished raw aluminum.

SimWorks operates in a space that hopes to honor traditional manufacturing methods, and offer products that imbue a sense of timelessness and understated quality. “Quality” is a subjective metric- sometimes measured in durability, sometimes in material spec, but almost always it’s a product of attention to detail to the finishing processes that ultimately give a product or good it’s final appearance. Polishing aluminum is a labor intensive process. Where it hasn’t been automated through modern machinery, that work is tiresome, requires additional materials and resources, and if not done with skill, can subject the object to undue stress and wear. But we can all agree that it’s a process that is capable of yielding stunning results.

We’ve come to witness a near extinction of polished aluminum bicycle components from OEM spec on new bikes in the global marketplace. The iconic gruppos of decades past that were hung so elegantly on their frames are a relic of a bygone era. The Shimano, Campagnolo and SunTour groups beloved, and lusted after for decades gave way to less expensive finishing methods. Shimano paid homage to that finish with their limited run of GRX gravel kits this past year- and the reception to it was unanimously positive- a testament to a sense of nostalgia that many of us feel for this beautiful finish. Anodized black over bead blasted aluminum has become the finish spec on almost all mass produced component groups from the major manufacturers today. This void has created a niche space and an opportunity for producers still looking to tap in to that polished silver aesthetic. We see gorgeous examples of it, offered from an esteemed roster of makers of fine aftermarket components here in the United States; but the tradition still carries on strongly with our partners in Japan. Entire finishing lines at the Nitto factory are still devoted to achieving their world-renowned polished finish.

It is our hope that the new Polished Standalone 001 rim can pair elegantly and seamlessly with a bike build that you’ve been imagining in your dreams. A truly durable all-rounder in it’s specification and construction – it’s the foundation for a capable wheel set that will last, and carry you confidently on your cycling journeys- be they across town, or across landscapes farther from home. You’ll certainly look refined upon your arrival.

Standalone 001 – Polished


Sizes: 29″ (622 BSD) / 27.5″ (584 BSD) / 26″ (559 BSD)

Material: Aluminum

Drilling: 32 hole

Tire Compatibility: Clincher/Tubeless

Width: 30mm outer / 25mm-hook to hook internal

Height: 21.6mm

Optimal Tire Width: 45mm-65mm

Weight: 580g (559) / 605g (584) / 640g (622)

ERD: 26″: (537mm)  /  650b/27.5″: (564mm) / 29″: (602mm)

PRICE: $179 MSW / $169 NMSW