Imagination & Creation of your life quality

Human beings have lost a lot of things so far which cannot be regained completely. Nature and society remind us how much we still don’t know about this world we exist and we’ve noticed that the same issue is happening in our bicycle world.

In former days, there was a time when bicycles were locally built by hands and welded with carefully selected tubings and probably those bikes went to our own grandparents. After that, over the decades, Japan eventually became the most important place for bike manufacturing especially when people around the world started using bikes more recreationally.

Times are different now. A center of manufacturing is located in other countries while companies in Japan receive their ideas and products massively without any hesitation. Has the Japanese bicycle industry lost not only their production power but imagination as well?

We’ve realized that the reason is based on a lack of understanding through consumption. Radically, a quite different market could be seen here in Japan if we tapped into our roots: we should’ve made products by our own hands, increased lines on communication, used the knowledge that we did have, and accepted what we had too much and not.

Simworks has started taking an action to change the system against the trend of mass production. Our goal is to give our clients the highest quality of product! We think it is necessary in order to guide the next generation. This is what we stand for and this is our passion we’d like to share with you.


SimWorks has developed the service which we distribute products in order to fit all the bicycle rider’s life style, create their needs to the shape, and support all the craftsmen who produce an excellent items in the world.

Since we handle a “hand-made” & “custom-order-made” products, which we sometimes propose some ideas that no one has never seen before, we think that it is important to communicate between end users, dealers, and producers.

Through “craftsmanship” and “public place” as a shop, and also through “riding a bicycle”, we are always looking for a fellowship who would join our idea and expand it to the world. Please go to the contact page or call directly to our staff.

2801 NW Nela st, Portland, OR 97210, USA