【SimWorks by Honjo】 New Product Turtle Bell Debut!!

When I started making a new product or project, it occurs to me for a moment what people would think first.

If I’m going to tell you my personal opininon, then I would think “For what”, “For whom” and “How” like everyone else could think of. In addition, as the most important thing, I would think something that nobody can ever done before.

In order to make it happen, I need to research thoroughly and start to communicate with a company which would collaborate with us. However, most of the ideas will be thrown into a “gabage can”.

To tell you the truth, this bell project with Honjo was almost going to be discarded, but we couldn’t give up.

It took 3 years to make it happen sicne we started this project, and this bell looks just like an usual thing, but it has a craftsmanship and philosophy by a few specialists at Honjo company.

We visited their factory and saw things with our eyes and listened to their thoughts. So, we needed to make this project happen in a reality.

It may look simple and classic to you, but this could only happen because of their original skills engraving by hands one at a time. We thought that this product will be Honjo’s iconic item which any people would think it’s beautiful somehow even in the digital era which could produce things so easily and massively.

The representative of Honjo company took command by himself, called several cooperative manufactures, visited their factories, thought about a balance of a turtle shell pattern, engraved it by himself first, and brought a sample to us in Nagoya by his own foot.

It was the moment that we were very proud of being a member of SimWorks.

SimWorks by Honjo
Turtle Bell

Material : Brass
Bell Style : Mechanical
Clump Size : ~22.2mm
Price : $76.00 (USD)

This turtle shell pattern bell reminds of Golden Koi-fish. This is the SimWorks Original turtle shell pattern and all handcrafted one at a time.

A special turtle shell pattern by Honjo in Tokyo creates a harmony with an atmosphere of brass material, a rich heavy taste, and an elegant sound.

 *Every single bell has its own serial number engraved.

It is different from a turtle shell pattern of a mud guard, and we use a special SimWorks original engraving pattern, so that it took several times more to produce than a turtle shell pattern mud guard, but they took this project as their good challenge and listened to our selfishness cheerfully. We really appreciate this opportunity.

We would be happy if you enjoy this elegant sound from a brass bell along with a mud guard by Honjo for the rainy season coming up soon.

Please take a look at our SimWorks Web Store linked in below.

The most beautiful mud guard in the world is handcrafted in a small factory called Honjo in Sumida-ku, Tokyo. Since 1949, their mud guards are attached to various type of bicycle such as Randonneur, Tourer, and Sportif. It has a history providing you an amazing function and looking.