Updated Half Moon Rack 2022

Half Moon Rack has been updated and is back in stock just in time for Summer ’22

  • The graceful half-moon-shaped outline is lightweight but tough with Chromoly steel tube construction. All fixed hardware to the fork is adjustable, making optimal setup a cinch.
  • Increased tire size capacity compared to previous model
  • Rack now includes a loop to hook the pannier bungee hook.
  • Stainless Steel spacers now included with mounting hardware to account for spacing concerns.

*Be sure to install the ‘DenDen’ bolt adjuster to a depth of 15 mm or more.

*Available in both Chrome and Black powder finishes, availability is limited.

Material: 9mm Chromoly Steel Tubing
Weight: avg. 780g
Max Load:12kg (withstand load when loaded evenly on the left and right)
Leg length:340mm ~ 360mm
Color:Chrome Plated & Black