Turtle 58 and Smooth 62 for 700c now available !!


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Now, we have Turtle58 and Smooth62 for 700c size!!!

“Please, please make a fender for 700c size!!!”
We heard this from everywhere especially from the U.S.
An old fashioned standard size is 650b for touring bike, but we knew that we needed them in 29″/700c size which has mud guard performance for speed. Now, here we are releasing them to you finally!
Thank you Honjo company!!!

10mm clearance with Honjo mudguards

These new 365R has 10mm clearance on 700 x 43c. Please be noticed that it depends on a volume of tread & Knob, rim width, how the bike frame is built, and it changes the numbers and relation between clearance and the actual tire width.

Now, silver color is available, and black will be in a few weeks.