The Legend of Mudguards

Coming with Front & Rear fender & Standard Stay Kit
$112.00 (USD)

Today, we are going to introduce our new released item from SimWorks by Honjo. Why don’t you choose Honjo’s the most beautiful and legendary mudguard for your new build in the autumn season!

First of all, we will show you these 2 mudguards adopted H50 model.
We got so many requests so far and finally decided to make these sizes which will fit 700 x 35c ~ 40c tires.
It also has a new engraved HONJO mark.
Only polish color is available at this time, but we will get a black one in our line up soon..

Coming with Front & Rear fender & Standard Stay Kit
$100.00 (USD)

We also have a new hardware in our line up as well.
First, Sliding Bridge which can be very effective to reinforce a heavy and big mudguard more securely. Second, Diamond Plate which provides stylish and also very effective to reinforce on your Honjo fenders. These are going to make level up your bike build concept immediately.

Sliding Bridgefor Turtle 58 (h79)
stainless steel
$9.00 (USD)

Sliding Bridgefor Smooth 62 (H80)
stainless steel
$9.00 (USD)

Sliding Bridgefor Flat 65 (H95)
stainless steel
$9.00 (USD)

Diamond Plate
One set is 2 plates。Polished Aluminum finish
$30.00 (USD)

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us to SimWorks