THE HOMAGE in the world


It has been about 10 months since SimWorks by PanaracerTHE HOMAGE tire released in this world.
We have heard the great news of THE HOMAGE from all over the world saying; “My waist becomes thinner than before.”, “Since I got this tire on, I wont the lottery.”, “I finally met someone who I’m in love”.
Now we would like to show you pictures and letters from everyone to us about THE HOMAGE!!!


NAHBS 2016. Everything has started here.
This is the memorable bike which has THE HOMAGE tire first ever.
Daily Explorer by Jeremy Sycip, a frame builder in Santa Rosa, CA.


Mr. Jus, who is a staff of Circles, has his beloved Cielo Cross Classic. This must be on a riverbed putting his bike up. It looks like the clearance is little too tight, but it is OK because it doesn’t touch the frame.


From circles again. All City, Flat bar cross. Yes, this is the bike we enjoy the most recently. You go anywhere you want on a whim. This is the present progressive ATB.


Mr. nb from BlueLug has his own. The man who knows the genuine product rides geekhouse cross bike. Amazing to see the color matches his bike frame!!!


Usual to unusual day. It has a romanticism spirit that take you anywhere you want. Yes, bicycle is supposed to be a symbol of freedom.


A circles manager, Mr. Ikeyama’s bike.
He knows what to do with color arrangement. It’s perfect.
Since he knows the best combination of color, you might wanna ask him if you dont know what to do with your bike.


This is Mr.Ikeyama’s adventure bike style on his weekend. He rides this bike from pass hunting to camping. He doesn’t only think of its route but also a place to set up a tent, place to fish, and when you take a look at his road map, it has so many red dots that you might wanna ask where you need to go next time.


A daily scene of the famous bike shop in Portland, 21st Ave. Bicycles. Once they received our THE HOMAGE tire, they immediately opened up the package and put those on to their bike!!!


And now 21st Ave. Bicycle staff assembly looks like this.
There are so many places to go outside of Portland. Including town side and country side, this bike can go anywhere.


Now this is 21st x SimWorks, THE HOMAGE GROUP RIDE.
A full of great and crazy riders gather around and go through gravel, forest, and seeking the source of the river.


Mr. Monjya, a member of SimWorks, went to Myanmar last summer with his bike. This bike spec might tell you that he is Japanese guy, but we don’t look the same way. We call him an “earthman”.
He loves adventurous ride and we hope he can settle down somewhere in this universe.


We have a message from Golden Saddle Cyclery in Los Angeles. This is the bike that people starting asking, “where did you get that tire from?”. We kind of want to have this purple metallic colored straggler now.


Defiance Bicycle from Tacoma also ordered THE HOMAGE immediately. They really wanted to attach this tire right away. This is 650 straggler. This bike will change its spec again will show you later on.


There is Mt.Hood (3429m) on the east of Portland. People tell each other that they see UFO so many times there. Are they trying to find THE HOMAGE by doing cattle mutilation?


Ms.Kyla assembled her Straggler bike at Defiance Bicycle and travel around. She said, “I never regret a bike ride”. I totally agree!!!


This is Cross Check bike from BlueLug.
This is not going to be your racing car, but it also promises you that this is part of your life style. People in the U.S. love green color, but people here in Japan loves black somehow to make it tight look.


Rough Rider by Hunter Cycles in Santa Cruz.
Santa Cruzer will never forget their humor with coolness. This bike is for a lovely madam of Strawfoot.


This is Sycip Daily Explorer which I talked about first on this topic. There are so many places to go around in Santa Rosa, a birth place of “Peanuts”. Between your production, such as making designs, paintings, building a frame is also cool, and you go out to take a break out of your hectic time and feel the transition of the season.


About 70km away from London toward south. A small town called, ‘Partridge Green’ has a famous bicycle shop, Hunt Bike Wheels, and they featured on our THE HOMAGE!!! It make us super happy that our tire going around the world and people talk about it!!!


Two bikes from Culture Club. This will take you to anywhere you wanna go and it looks so stable.


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Even at the racing place, we see a lot of our tires around. At this TOKAI CYCLOCROSS, we see a bike like this. Whatever it is, people look so fun up here!!!


Mr.Bayashi, ALL YOURS from Tokyo, rides his bike with THE HOMAGE.
It looks simple but it has so much power! and the tire will absorb all the energy with its traction. It is good to have so much energy anyway!


Mr. Ebiko, who is a member of SimWorks XC racing team, cheats on his own bike and rides in Izu with Hunter Cycle bike. He rides 29er all the time but this one makes him feel something different and open to the new world.


This is old color Cielo Cross Classic. Cielo doesn’t produce this model anymore, but it looks perfect with this green tire! Fresh look on a winter scenery.


This HUFNAGEL cross bike is nominated in 10 best bike by The Radavist. It means this bike is a top class right? then it naturally goes that the tire is also…

Record breaking heavy snow in Portland in these days.
Mr.Andrew, who works for and saves animals, chose THE HOMAGE for his daily ride. Can’t wait to see spring time, but it is also very beautiful to see a full of snow covered field here.


So, what do you think so far? Tons of THE HOMAGE riders huh? It is also good to see how people assemble their bike with our tires. You can also use this as a style archive though. Once you get this THE HOMAGE tire, please post your awesome photos on instagram with some hashtag below!


Please contact us for more information.
You can also buy this SimWorks by Panaracer, THE HOMAGE, at any SimWorks dealers in the U.S.