The Homage Green – Limited SimDrops and Taco Pedals

SimWorks is pleased to announce the release of a couple of limited products showcasing our exclusive Homage Green anodizing – featured initially here in our iconic SimDrops from Nitto as well as the cages on our recently released ‘Taco Pedal’ from MKS.

These small batch ano offerings are a fun and rewarding way for us to mix up our inline color offerings for some of our core products, and in this case- it’s allowed us to tap in to a color that SimWorks has a strong connection with.

The Homage tires that SimWorks has produced by our partners at Panaracer have seen a faithful following grow over the years- and we see more of those tires roll out of here in their iconic green color than the more familiar black tread that we see offered from any and all tire manufacturers. This green tread has it’s roots in some iconic tires from the mid 1990’s that were sold by Michelin and Panaracer in that hey day of early MTBs. Our Homage 26″ tire is a continuation of the original mold from Panaracer’s Mach SS tire that was a global sensation in the semi-slick category of tires at that time. This dual purpose tread has become somewhat of a standard for the “All-terrain Bikes (ATBs)” that we have seen surge in popularity in recent years- largely due to their practicality, versatility and efficiency.

That Green tread has become a highly recognizable characteristic of a SimWorks Homage tire, and as our brand has grown over the years, we’ve loved watching this tire grow in distribution and popularity as well. If you go down the internet rabbit hole and search for the ATB builds of today, you’re sure to see some beautiful timeless bikes wearing these tires. They’re instantly recognizable through this bright tread color. The Homage green color feels special to SimWorks. It’s representative of our bold style, but also the respect we wish to pay to the iconic styles and products that provide a foundation for what we do.

And so we’ve tapped in to that color and are hoping to carry it through to a couple of other products that are timeless and iconic in their own right.

SimDrops are that cherry-on-top of your painstakingly obsessed over builds. They’re thoughtful and elegant, but affordable; and a great way to add a touch of color to your bike. They’re that minor detail that will make you and someone who stops on the street to admire your bike sure to smile

Our Taco pedals have been an awesome addition to our MKS produced family of products. When we released Bubbly pedals a few years ago, we did so with a limited bronze offering that really resonated with people, and since then we’ve done a LTD color option each year. We had yet to roll out a limited option for the Taco pedals since their release last Spring- so here it finally is.

The unique shape and scribing on the Taco pedal cages really comes alive with this bright and unique Homage Green shade. They look bold and somehow simultaneously futuristic and retro. The Taco pedal’s cup and cone style bearing assembly are a throwback to some of the best pedals from yesterday and will provide years of durability and serviceability. A great pedal for ATBers, off-road tourists, or commuters looking for sure-footedness, Taco pedals look and feel substantial underfoot