The Bar named Smog Cutter.

Text by SimWorks / Photo by John Watson from The Radavist

There is a small bicycle shop called “GOLDEN SADDLE CYCLERY” in Silver Lake, LA. Although it looks tiny shop, but they always think outside of the box by using a fun tool, a bicycle, and they are introducing how fun it is to the world.
They are also SimWorks USA’s dealer at an early stage, and moreover they are our amazing friends who totally understand our concept and very supportive.
One day, Kyle Kelly who is a shop manager requested to us;
“Hey, Don’t you wanna make a handler bar with us?”
“WHY NOT!?!?”
Not only 2 words brought us here, but we believed in each other’s sense and that respect created this super limited edition drop bar called “Smog Cutter Bar”.

He puts his soul and passion into this handle bar which he talked about at THE VANILLA WORK SHOP BUILD-OFF the other day. He said, “I am trying to reach out to a more comfortable track bike than ever, like a track bike with a funny gear ratio that most street kids will laugh at. Also a track bike with a wider drop bar than any other cyclocross bikes.” Since then, SimWorkers kept an all-night vigil and had a tons of communication with NITTO then finally it came out precisely he wanted.
A compact space, the widest ever, short end in its cockpit. Putting a special design only on this handlebar in order to use not only track bike, but also CX and slow long ride. This is the best multi use drop bar every in our history.

SimWorks by NITTO
Smog Cutter Bar / GSC Limited

Material : Heat Treated Aluminium
Width : 480mm (C–C at ends)
Center diam. : 31.8mm
Bar diam. : 23.8mm
Reach : 78mm
Drop : 128mm
Weight : 366g
Color : Ice Grey Anodized
This is a special limited edition produced only 100 in the world, so that it is available only at GOLDEN SADDLE CYCLERY in the US, and Circles and SimWorks in JAPAN. You can get this handle bar in the US already, but if you live in JAPAN, then we are going to release it in November 2nd from noon. This handle bar is made in JAPAN NITTO, hight reliability and comfortable handling will get you to the best ride with Kyle’s passion on it.