【SimWorks x Paul Component】Life is like a box of chocolates.

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

It’s really difficult to make something in a real life. Therefore, we are very particular about hand-made in America. There are people who have practical purposes: “To produce something which can be used for a long time”, and passion to make it happen in this world.

Since 1989, Paul Component renovated a garage for oil distributor of TEXACO to his own in Chico, CA and has produced bicycle components carefully there till now. Paul believes in that the great products are supposed to combine a high level functionality and simple maintainability.

On the other day, we visited Paul’s factory on Friday. They wore Tie Dye t-shirt because of their “Tie Dye Friday” concept. When I asked him the reason why, and he told me that when they saw USPS delivery guy were wearing USPS uniform in Tie Dyed and they thought that it was amazing and cool. Since then, they all agreed upon wearing tie dye shirts every Friday. It seems this kind of action is a small thing, but we think it is really important to think how we can work in a better environment and have fun at the same time.

However, it doesn’t mean that they can get away from any troubles and problems when they make something. Let’s take a look at their 30th anniversary green colored limited edition. Green anodizing is really hard to make and they have struggled for a long time with a difficult problem which creates different color finishing on each part.

Not just only Paul was struggling of anodizing issue, but also Chris King which produces head sets and hubs made in America had the same problem as well. It’s just simply hard to complete all the parts being anodized.

That’s why we offer them to make what we truly want.

The most important thing is to use the parts as long as possible. In order to make it happen, they we have to use highly-selected materials and design a structure that can be disassemble so that we are all able to maintain and repair it while we use them.

This is how Paul Component has a rigid position in this industry, and everyone who works on their parts has their own styles, but we are all the same that we love bicycles.

To celebrate their 30th anniversary and put our respect on their history, we are going to introduce you to our new limited edition part.

【SimWorks x Paul Component Chocolate Edition】

Klamper becomes a standard choice in mechanical disk brakes. We line up for both short-pull and long pull actuation. We also release the chocolate edition which are Lover Lever, Quick Release Seat Post Collar, and Quick Relase Skewer with a anodized brown color. As well as Paul’s green anodizing, we have different sort of intensity because of the different type of Aluminum we use, and we also see differences even in a same part depending on a place. It’s like a chocolate box which we don’t know how they all look until we open it. We honestly like to tell you that this bike part will be active in any situation for a long time rather than focusing on a color story. We hope you enjoy the different intensity color like bitter chocolate and milk one in a box.

Moreover, we are going to relaunch our SimWorks special colors of Klamper: green and red limited model along with short-pull and long-pull version. At the head of black and green one we had a lot of contact with, these are limited including red color which Paul never offers in the lineups, so please don’t miss this opportunity!