[SimWorks x NITTO] With Me CrMo Spacers got your heart.


“Zephyrus, the Ancient Greek god of the west wind, gives a signal of spring arrival. Flowers bloom by responding a stiff wind and they cover all over the land with freshness. Sweet fragrance hangs in the air just like a sigh of Flora, the goddess of spring. Once the three graces delightfully dance, Venus, the goddess of love appear and her child, Cupid releases his ‘an arrow of love’.”


We symbolize this ‘Cupid’s arrow’, which comes appear on a paint work of spring arrival, into SimWorks logo. It expresses the moment of falling love, but Cupid himself sometimes play a trick to shoot an arrow with a blindfold. If we are able to be open minded everyday, then Cupid is going release his arrow to us and something definitely would happen.


SimWorks Chromoly spacer has its heart logo on. We are going to start off 1-1/8″ x 10mm CP. We are going to change the specification of 20mm black spacer in order. Matching perfectly with SimWorks by NITTO chromoly stem, WITH ME SPACER is going to be available at SimWorks USA.


We wish that you are going to get a sudden heartbeat of love anytime soon.