SimWorks by Panaracer The Homage Limited Edition

Howdy for all cyclists who are thinking of getting a new built bike or restoring for the best activity season in the fall!
Today, we are going to introduce our new product and a world famous, a limited color “THE HOMAGE”, a multipurpose tire purely made in Japan, to you.

SimWorks by Panaracer
The Homage 2019 AW Limited Edition

Size : 700 x 43cm, 26 x 1.95″
Color : Sand Beige x Skin, Burgundy x Skin
Bead : Aramid
Weight (ave.) : 560g (700c), 550g (26″)
$62.00- (USD)
※Recommended Internal Pressure:Max 400kPa

The idea of the tire called “THE HOMAGE” came up into our minds unintentionally in the process of making the image of it with Panaracer together.

We have spent our lives with OFF-ROAD bikes for a long time, and finally we reconsider how it has grown now after all this time, then we realize that there is nothing that can be out-of-date in our answers.

By understanding the sense and the highest material back in the era depending on the purpose of how people rode in those days, we also notice that it just has been forgotten.

Having a scent of Randonneur little bit, we place a basic skinside in the casing and Sand Beige and Burgundy compound. Of course this is the modern touring tire which is only produced for SimWorks with the latest compound and casing by Panaracer.

This limited edition is only produced once in our life time. Only 300 tires for each color and size. We started releasing this item from October 10th(THU) and once everything is gone, then that’s it. No more.