‘SimWorks by Honjo’ fender masters gathering.


I was obscurely looking up the sky which was about to snow in a minute.
Whatever came from above, I realized myself that I felt something rich in my heart.
So that, I started thinking to collect some of photos from SimWorks by Honjo Fender Masters.

Just please relax and see all the photos like you look up the sky.

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Whenever you hear “Fender”, do you feel nostalgic?

All black disc trucker for commuting… #surlybikes #disctrucker #swhonjo #circlesbikes #circlesjapan

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If you put some colors on it, then it will become something totally new.

How about this?

He said, “We are bound by the magic spell which makes us feel like riding in a rainy day.” He is damn right.
He said, “When it’s raining, full fenders will be the best of all.”

To tell you the truth, fenders for the small wheels are our best seller.

Challenging to something is alway important.

SimWorks by Honjo "Liner44" fits for 27×1-1/4 wheel #swhonjo #cateye

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We promise that we are going to produce our original reflector for sure!

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This is the part that we worked really hard and the best of doppo.

Rain or Shine. #swHonjo #simworks

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This is the best seller in the U.S.

Thanks for the original calendar gift from Honjo company every year!!!
This is how we roll with SimWorks by Honjo. We bet that you are going love the rainy days even though you wife tells you not to ride when its raining. You are going to have the best smile and kiss her gently. That is how it works when you attach these fenders.

Love always,