SimWorks Art Collective New Bottle

What a nice weather to ride out in this amazing spring season.
We would like to introduce our latest item for your shopping, commuting, and long ride.

This is our original water bottle art work by Bicycle Crumbs, an illustrator living in Portland combining a bicycle and illustration.

He draws only for the parts and bicycle itself which he really passionates about when he reviews a number of bicycles and components.

Now, he asked us that he really wanted to draw our SimWorks parts, so here it is. Yes, this is Little Nick Bar which he is really fond of.

Little Nick Bar Bottle

Capacity: 22oz (624ml)
Base: Specialized “Purist” BPA Free Bottle
Original: Made in U.S.A
Price: $15.00- (USD)

It is designed to catch your heart instantly. The hardest part to work on was “SimWorks” font shaped with brake and shift cables.

This water bottle is manufactured by SPECIALIZED called “Purist” which we really trust in. It doesn’t smell inside which usually happens to the other bottles, and therefore the taste won’t be changed because of it. Also, a month part is very popular among riders.