Ramen? Nope, I take So Bar!


Text by SimWorks / Photo by SimWorks

If I free my mind here, I would like to say that I love Soba more than Ramen noodle soup.
In my younger age, I was very particular about Soba and I liked it like that way, but now it is enough to have a regular kind of Soba noodle at a Udon restaurant with a simple traditional Japanese shop curtain at front.

It is much better to find a compromising point by considering deeply about it rather than being particular about the details in everything and becoming incomprehensible.

Whatever it is, I think I talked too much about Noodle, so let us move onto our main subject.

The demands of the ultimate comfort bar from all over the world, SimWorks has proposed various types of wide drop bars, but we still hear from everyone in the world that they need much wider options, so that why don’t we make one that satisfy their demands, right?

This comfort style drop bar called “So Bar” was created in order to focus on its comfortability and safety. Moreover, this drop bar is going to be the best one for the riders who rides a long distance and like to have a relaxed riding position all the time.

So Bar

Material : Heat Treated Aluminium
Width : 500mm (C–C at ends) / 490mm (C-C at Brackets)
Center diam. : 26.0mm
Bar diam. : 23.8mm
Reach : 95mm
Drop : 140mm
Flare Angle : 4°
Weight : 380g
Color : Silver & Black
Price : $98.00- (USD)

You will be able to grab several points on the top bar while riding a long distance by back sweeping and down sweeping gently on the top flat part. It is also designed to have you place your hand on a brake bracket relaxingly by arranging the upper surface of the drop part in parallel with the ground, which you will grab for a long time while your riding.

A regular touring bar cramp diameter is 25.4mm, but this So Bar has 26.0mm, which improves the strength much bigger than 25.4mm. Heat-treated aluminum, which improves the strength of aluminum, is used as its material so that you don’t have to worry about anything and you can devote yourself onto this handle bar even though you try to cross a continent or big challenge ride.