PRIZE for #swCockpit and #swGoodRack starts now!

It has been about 3 months since we started the campaign called “#swCockpit” collecting the images of how they use our original handlebars in their cockpit and now we received so many posts through instagram!!!
Now, we pick some of the cool photos here, but we see so many good ones! Attractive parts assemblies, different environment, and they are all amazing real cockpit which pursued their own original styles and functions.


The best cockpit prize will be given to @arakawa_monthly. Bike to fishing style! He puts his rod and vintage reel in the center space of WILDHONEY. This is the best mix of functional and playful style together.

★As a prize, we are going to give this On The Road Carrier! We expect he is gonna post something awesome for the next campaign called “#swGoodRack”!


ease shikaiさん(@easmas)がシェアした投稿


Mr.@easmas took this photo with a poetic handle bar view! We are able to imagine he spent good time at good place with his best buddy together.
★As a prize, we are going to award this gift, SimWorks x RawLow Mountain Works limited edition TabiChibi Tote, which will be available soon.


Green Cogさん(@greencogram)がシェアした投稿


This photo is coming from @greencogram living in Hamamatsu, Japan. Very simple assemble with a raw finished frame. Aggressive style of Marcella handlebar and some classic parts can be active in the city and also in the mountain as well!
★As a price, we are going to give Explosion cycle jersey!!!



Multifunctional cockpit of @naoquy_fujimoto fits fun 3 bar perfectly! Handlebar form unintentionally appears like the pattern on the ground. Very cool.
★As a prize, we are going to present Lazy Parade T-shirt by Washio Tomoyuki.


Masahiro Matさん(@masahiro_mat)がシェアした投稿


A beautiful REW10WORKS frame of @masahiro_mat. The snow background makes the cockpit stand out a lot!
★As a prize, we are going to present Lazy Parade T-shirt by Washio Tomoyuki.



RASTAFARI!!! The cockpit of the restored old MTB has the most popular GETAROUND bar in the world. This is the entry from @huntcycling, our dealer bakeshop in northwestern Leipzig.

★As a prize, we are going to present Little Nick T-shirt!




An amazing set up of classic Ritchey MTB updating in modern way. You should check out his cool photos on his instagram → @hangingbird
★As a prize, we are going to present Little Nick T-shirt!


Hibiki Kamoさん(@kamochi150)がシェアした投稿


A young and new head of Culture Club, @kamochi150 chooses Marcella anatomic form handlebar. You will probably know the secret of this set up if you grab its underbar.

★We are going to give him one free beer at earlybirds cafe!



We still continue this instagram #hashtag campaign more and more. Next, we are going to feature rack/carrier as #swGoodRack. We have On The Road Carrier and POTLUCK Rack lineups. You can post our original racks and carriers on your instagram, also you can post any other rack/carrier brands if you use our SimWorks original items in the image. Now we would like you to post the image of rack/carrier which expands the possibility of carrying capacity of a bicycle. It’s easy, post the image with #swGoodRack on instagram. It doesn’t matter if the image was posted in the past.

This campaign will never end until the end of May. There are good prizes! We are waiting for your cool photos!!!