【SimWorks by Nissen】3 new colors

3 new color offerings in our Stainless Shift and Stainless Brake cable housing from Nissen. Clear Olive, Clear Mustard, and Clear Purple are new additions to an already stellar lineup of shades.

Cable housing is an unsung hero in the realm of aftermarket bike parts, but this Nissen housing really is of the highest quality and the colors are fantastic- and just keep getting better.

I’ve set up a couple personal bikes with both the shift and brake housing now and I’m really pleased with the performance and durability; also, I’m constantly getting compliments on the colors.

When I saw these new colors roll in this week, they’ve got me imagining where I might use them on any remaining bikes I’ve got kicking around that don’t have this housing on them yet.

Truly a unique way to add some improved brake and shift performance to your bike while adding a subtle but attractive splash of color to a well-thought-out build.