Some Cooler Palette additions to our Stainless Nissen Housing just in time for Winter

With “Daylight Savings” time upon us now and the Holiday Season fast approaching, we’re entering those months of the year here in the Pacific Northwest where things turn a little cooler and more ruminative. We’ve brought some attractive new colors in to the Nissen Stainless housing in both brake and shift offerings that lean a little cooler in their color expressions. Constructed of the same wound Stainless Steel internals as the rest of the range, these 3 new colors Electric Blue, Blue Steel and Salmon will all provide years of durable service and tactile satisfaction in that critical, but oft overlooked interface between you the rider and your drivetrain and brake systems. They’re live in our web store now and can be linked to by clicking the button below. Hope some of these cool new colors make their way on to some of your builds that you’ve either got in the works or are scheming on for a great winter project….