New face Rhonda is in!

We are really sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time. Rhonda Stem, a representation of SimWorks’ Chromoly stem, is coming back with a new face.

If you are looking for something modern or light appearance, then you will find many, but the reason why this stem, welded with chromoly steel, looks so beautiful is because we feel the handmade skill, a craftsmanship, directly to our hands.
Materials and method are all simple. We, SimWorks, think that we would like to connect the whole world by circulating the products which are made by human hands one by one to make durable.

Instead of laser marking logo on the faceplate, we place a new logo engraved by a craftsman. It is a same engraving method of SimWorks’ Beatnik Seatpost, and this method is still adopted to one of the products in Nitto. The machine is old and only skilled craftsman can work on that, so this traditional method might disappear someday because the main stream is created by CNC machine which has unmatched accuracy.

Welding, engraving… does this sound like super analog type? Not really, we just love more JEDI than TERMINATOR.

Nothing is changed but the faceplate. Each specification and its price are the same.
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We are going to start selling all the stems with old logo, including TOMBOY and WENDY at an outlet price once we have these stems with new faceplates. If you love the old logo, then you must hurry since these are the only stocks we have.

If you have any questions about this product, please contact us freely.