Josh Kelley Racing in Japan!

Josh Seaotter Classic

Josh Kelley, who works at Chris King / Cielo and also a racer, comes to Japan for his first time to compete at Kansai Cyclocross & Nobeyama Cyclocross.

He usually works as one of the staffs in Cielo builder team, and he is able to produce a frame, assemble a complete bike, take care of the others as a bike mechanic, and race. He actually won a first prize in a top category at Cross Crusade in his local, Portland recently. His race bike will be Prototype Cielo CX racer with 12mm through axel.


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His race schedule
11/22(Sun)Kansai Cyclocross@Makino Elite Men
11/23(Mon)Kansai Cyclocross@Makino C1

11/28(Sat)Nobeyama Cyclocross Elite Men
11/29(Sun)Nobeyama Cyclocross Elite Men

Please check his result and what’s going on at #jjkracinginjapan