Is it easy?

In this entry, we’ll delve into the heart of Bubbly Ezy Superior, as well as the MKS Ezy system.

Easy and reliable

Ezy Superior is an easy-to-detach pedal system within the lineup of MKS pedals. The advantage that it can be easily attached and detached without tools is not only for wheeling (using train movement etc. during touring), but also for riders who are often simply mounted on the vehicle, and want to frequently change pedals to suit their preferences and footwear. It is popular with a wide range of cyclists because it is useful for riders in adaptability, deterring theft, and easing cycle storage situations.

The benefits of the Ezy Superior system are not only in its simplicity, but also in the security of the attachment system- without issues of play. Due to the quality of its construction, you almost forget that it’s a removable pedal system when riding with it. The pedal must be strong enough to support the rider’s weight safely and confidently, but the quality of the design, materials and engineering standards provide for a system with no discernible play- which is pretty remarkable.

Avoid damaging your crank arm threads

Since a large amount of force is applied to the pedal, it is fixed to the crank arm with a thick bolt sized at M14 so that it can be fastened with a high torque value. Repeated installation and removal of pedals, will over time wear out the threads on your crank arms. You also run the risk over a longer timeline of potentially stripping, cross-threading or damaging your threads. Therefore, it will be best to reduce the instances of putting on and taking off as much as possible.

20-year history of the series

In 1999, just before the arrival of the 21st century, folding bicycles were booming in the Japanese bicycle market at that time. This was the backdrop for the starting point of the development of the Ezy series, but it seems that the inspiration was in the coupler of the gas appliance that we had all seen at the izakaya restaurant one day.

Certainly, Japanese gas appliance products have very strict quality standards to prevent accidents, but I was inspired by such a simple one-touch type gas coupler mechanism that does not leak at all. I am amazed at the sharpness of the engineer’s eyes.

Since it was before the spread of computers and design software as they exist now, it seems that the design was done using a scientific calculator- prototypes were produced with a manual lathe and a wooden mold, and the test was repeated many times. One of the features of MKS’ Ezy series is the surprisingly high degree of reliability and precision. So much so that it has been sold continuously while maintaining compatibility since its launch in 2000.

The updated Ezy Superior system on the Bubbly pedal was added to the lineup and launched in 2008. It will be a model with the stopper (safety mechanism) updated from a separate type to a built-in type, but it means that many believers are still being sold even in the older style.

*Please note that Ezy and Ezy Superior are not compatible.

(The photo is an advertisement published in a magazine at the time of release)

Long run for over 20 years with high-performance attachment / detachment functionality. The Bubbly pedal shape incorporating this system will provide decades of ease and adaptability.
Attach this pedal to your bike for an even easier and smarter bike life.