From SimWorks by Seven Cycles.

Titanium Getaround Bar by Seven Cycles
Bradford Smith, who has the best ability to concentrate and the handling speed at Seven Cycles factory.
The thing that he is checking carefully on the surface table is our SimWorks original newbie Titanium GETAROUND BAR ─────

A stance of Seven Cycles factory is to response toward a client’s demand with the highest level all the time no matter what the content is, especially if it is a titanium material stuff and also bike related thing. Surprisingly, every order goes on a perfect system efficiently till delivery to the purchaser, at the same time they maintain the highest quality and put a quick delivery into practice. Although, there are several irregular and complicated orders, they reply to the customer flexibly and nicely. It doesn’t seem those irregular things are irregular for them.

A backbone of Seven Cycles, which have high production and service quality, is the point that they supply their own material by themselves. You can find the details of their materials on this column series in Japanese. They also have a systematic production, but they try to reduce automation and mechanization to a minimum. They more focus on machinists, welders, finishers which produce and operate things by hands. Please watch the film we made and see how they make things by their hands.

After all, it is all about material and human hands.
This is the secret that they can response all the needs out there flexibly by using these 2 methods in high level.

SimWorks proposed a production of original handle bar with Seven Cycles which produces a high quality components. We asked them about 2 kinds, which are flat standard LITTLE NICK BAR and GETAROUND BAR, and their response was amazingly positive about it. Right after that, our ideas and the brain of Seven Cycles started having a chemical reaction and now we finally produced our latest handle bar right here.

After finishing up a sample test and field performance test, now we would like to introduce the official 2 latest handle bars releasing today.

We use Seven Cycles’ original material called 3-2.5 Titanium tube. Even though you use 31.8mm handle shim, the amount weight is about half of chromoly version.

Even though this titanium tube is a 22.2mm straight shape, our SimWorks XC racing rider, Mr.Ebiko, who has used various titanium handle bars so many times, assures its super high rigidity. He also proves its high reliability through his racing diary here.

The Seven Cycles original titanium tube which has piles of its know-how and studies for years by knowing titanium and the special quality of its tube well enough. Its high quality and special shape design by SimWorks will give you something exquisite in your cockpit for sure.

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