Fender stay alignment for maximum structural integrity

Physics, properties of physics….

In this entry, we will propose the ideal angle of the U stay that acts as stabilizer between your frame and fender.

Since the stay is a functional component, install it to maximize its function. Its function is to support the fender body, but if it is installed incorrectly, vibration cannot be suppressed and the fender body may be damaged.

Where will it break? It is almost always at the seat stay bridge fixing point. It can be said that almost all warranty claims that Simworks receives are related to cracking and failure at this point.

The opening angle of the seat stay and U stay that can effectively suppress the vibration applied to the fender body is limited to approximately 100 degrees. An optimatl orientation is right at 90 degrees.

*Of course, assembly outside this range does not necessarily lead to failure. On the contrary, it does not mean that the strength is guaranteed if the installation is within this range. The life of the product will be shortened if the ride is tough. It can’t be helped, but here are some ideas for using his Honjo Fender for a longer time.

U stays may be assembled in parallel, like an extension of a seat stay. This method is an effective, attractive and increasingly popular way to add structural integrity as well as peace of mind. In particular, the smaller the frame size, the more acute of a seatstay you likely will have- so care must be taken from the perspective of suppressing vibration, thus minimizing the fatigue that is concentrated at this point.

As a countermeasure, it is effective to add another U stay in the middle as shown in the figure below. SimWorks strongly recommends this method. Keep in mind that the inclusion of this additional stay requires purchasing the necessary components individually.

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