【RAL】EX Loader for casual days

Text by Yanakku / Photo by Circles Tailored

As I’ve said, I sometimes wonder if all these bags are really needed. Millet bag packs obtained during high school, shoulder bags that are not easy to use even for flattery, purchased in the apparel era, messenger bags and large-capacity bags that begged for being slung on my body or attached to my bike and brought along for a ride.  There are really just so many bags for so many days. They are like characters in my life. 

Ideally, they each have an element that plays an important role several times a year, and they can’t be let go of because of their unique style and they’re overflowing with memories. Too often,  they are too cumbersome or heavy or too compartmentalized for casual everyday use. 

Taking into consideration that it is easily adaptable to a couple of bikes, and providing just enough space for some essentials- a light jacket, a wallet, small food container, and a personal computer. Ideally the fabric is not too tech focused but durable, the sewing and construction don’t boast, but are attractive- this has become my criteria for a great casual everyday bike bag.   

The EX Loader was born with the belief that for a casual pannier bag to excel and become the bag most often chosen, it should be seamlessly practical for those who use the bicycle and bag on a daily basis.

【RAL】EX Loader

Color : Black, Forest Green, Peacock, Sand Beige, Shocking Pink, Woodland Camo
Size : 29 x 13 x 29cm
CAPACITY : 11.0ℓ

The concept is the same as before, but it is slightly smaller than all models to make it easier to use. It requires additional but suttle intention while selecting your load. The colors are the same as the currently released UT Loader and KANPAI Loader in six colors.

The zipper has two pulls for easy opening and closing. There is only one luggage compartment and there is no separate storage space, but you can quickly pack your luggage with ease. Simple, practical and easy to use.

The mesh pocket on the outside is very convenient for quick storage of gloves and windbreakers. It is also recommended for storing snacks, energy bars, a light duty lock or towels. A reflective band adds a splash of nocturnal safety.

The mounting method is the same as DL Loader . The mounting components are a hook with an aluminum plate and protective pad, a bungee cord and an S-shaped hook. The system is intuitive, simple and very durable. Of course, the position of the hooks can be adjusted by using a spanner or wrench, and the length of the bungee cord can be freely adjusted, so it can be attached to carriers of various sizes.

In addition, The EX Loader excels as a supplement to larger capacity bags such as the WB Loader, when some additional space is needed. 

Also, the RAL LOADERS frame bag- EM Loader , which were quickly sold out, are restocked at this time.

【RAL】EM Loader

Color : Black, Forest Green / Barest Green, Peacock / Saffron, Sand Beige / FL Orange Shocking Pink, Woodland Camo
Size : 38 x 5 x 15cm
CAPACITY : 11 2.2ℓ

The simple but capable frame bag mounted between the top and down tubes consists of a primary luggage compartment and a slimmer flat pocket, with a zipper at the top for easy access while riding. The main luggage compartment also has an inner loop to hold mini pumps or tool rolls. Most frames will accommodate the bag oriented from the front of the top tube, but it has been used in reverse, mounted closer to the seat tube- particularly in MTB applications. Either should provide continued use of commonly located water bottle mounts. Minimal but thoughtful in its design, the EM Loader rounds out a diverse and thoughtful line up of RAL LOADERS

RAL LOADERS are made in a small factory in Santa Barbara, California. Some are sold out now and will be restocked, and some will be updated and come back fresh. We hope you’ll consider RAL LOADERS for all your bicycle carrying needs.