Do you ride to smile?

To Smile Bar


Farther away.

Faces whose touring on a wasteland are severe, covered by dust deeply inside each their wrinkles. For whom? and for what purpose? Just in order to get an extra cold beer, they smile through the dust.

To Smile Bar 560
To Smile Bar

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This new ‘To Smile Bar’ is a drop bar for those who ride through severe wilderness. It looks very unique and you can see the drop shape being curved slightly shallow. I think every riders who uses the drop handle loves this shape as if they licked their lips for the great dishes. 520mm and 560mm is the same shape, but we wonder if drop bar lovers will invent their own unique way to grip them though. We definitely think that it is worth to try for any tourers who likes to use fat tire and also crossers who are into a speed ride, or whoever try to go through a wilderness.

Produced by trustworthy NITTO brand as you may already know. Usually, most of a mountain drop handle bar has 25.4mm center clamp, but we actually came up with the best result of having road size, which is 26.0mm, and it tells us the truth that it is much higher durability than a mountain size. Now, we finally produce THE BEST STANDARD SIZE DROP BAR EVER IN THE WORLD. It looks simple and normal size, but we achieved the demand for the wider size with the best quality and tech.


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