BIKE & SURF trip to Shikoku region

SimWorks surf and bike trip

Before a trace and a scent of summer fade away completely, we would like to talk about our summer trip.

In a middle of August, Monjya and Rie got rewarded a small summer vacation for their hardwork and they traveled to Shikoku region with surfboards, tent, and absolutely bicycles all together into Circles Bongo car.

Surf and bike is almost the same thing that you have to travel to get to the point in order to play around. Riding a bike in a long distance and after you reach to the point out of breath, you turn around and see a superb scenery on top of a hill. Same as biking, paddling out and waiting for some fun waves and staring at a horizontal line with 360° great view on a surface of the ocean in the morning is amazing. Moreover, after you have a long ride or 4 hours in the ocean make you feel really hungry and any foods awaiting you must be incredibly delicious.

Of course, there are other stuffs such as lives and cultures of locals at any places and it is necessary to know and respect them very well. This is also one of the fun elements that we are able to have. (It means that it doesn’t matter if our purpose of travel becomes just for ‘Awaodori’ or ‘Katsuo-no-tataki’ because everything is amazingly fun.)

[gallery2 columns=”2″ link=”file” ids=”30597,30598″][gallery2 columns=”2″ link=”file” ids=”30600,30601″][gallery2 columns=”2″ link=”file” ids=”30593,30592″]SimWorks surf and bike trip 闘犬 横綱SimWorks surf and bike trip[gallery2 link=”file” columns=”2″ ids=”30611,30596″]SimWorks surf and bike tripSimWorks surf and bike trip

We have another attraction point for biking and surfing, which is you only need to use less power for long ride for both if you don’t aim yourself to become a big wave surfer or winning a world champion. Even though you get older and older, you still enjoy the way you do. The good thing is that you are going to live with them for a long time.

SimWorks surf and bike trip

These are the people who from Shiokaze Store in Tokushima, which Search and State pays attention to the way they wear SAS cycle jersey, and thank you very much for taking care of Monjya and Rie.

Surf season usually ends in Japan at the end of Novemeber (actually season will never end since we do surf in winter time as well), but we are going to do this more often though. If you coming to Japan to ride on a street or fun waves with us, then let us know. We should all go together.

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