A memory of MASH premiere in TOKYO

As some of you already know that Who is MASH and what is MASH, right? A month ago, we, Gishi and Monjya with some youngsters at circles went off to MASH premiere in TOKYO. It was a while ago when first MASH premiere launched and Gishi and Monjya actually were working as a bike courier at that time.


First place that we headed over was ‘Sekido-bashi’ in Tokyo. It is a flea-market being held in spring and autumn without being organized by anyone surprisingly and people just gathered around with bicycle parts together. It was a place for me to get some information about the bicycle world, to purchase parts for my friends who wanted to build his own, and to actually see variety of bicycles that I had have never seen before. I didn’t have any knowledge nor even education for the bicycle at all, so it was my school that I could touch real parts, see, and buy them directly through their stories and was able to expand my world bigger and larger.

When you went back to the old era, you would see free trading markets everywhere under the bridges, and it is amazing to see like this even nowadays. I currently reside in Nagoya, but when I came back to where I used to live, it made me realize that Tokyo is what a huge city with amazing cultures. I actually sold my own wheels there only 1,000 yen and by using this money, adding some, I bought a great treasure. I will tell you when you see me, haha!
Mash japan premire

When the night came, we all went to the MASH PREMIERE. When the first DVD came out, I thought that it was cool, but at the same time I barely thought of myself doing the same thing since I was working as a messenger and didn’t want to risk my own career by messing up my bikes. However, without their appearance in Tokyo then, a bike culture here must have been just a standard bike culture or could be worse than that. I finally appreciated their efforts and felt something big that they created in this whole planet. I heard that there were pros and cons, but therefore I think they are super amazing.

While I was watching their film, they were thirsty and hungry for their ride to pursue what they really want in their styles. I thought they were perfectly genius in their field. Not only their riding styles nor their equipments, their life styles themselves were the one hitting my heart so much. I posted a picture of ‘Sekido-bashi’ on SimWorks instagram, and surprisingly MASH asked us where this is held? I thought they knew what’s up.

10 years passed since they launched their DVD, and we can tell through their SNS that their concepts and themes are expanding so much. We still love the scene of big huge steep hill in San Francisco and we saw something new but with that attitude came up on a new film. They don’t stay where they were before, they are already ahead toward where and what we have never seen before. Therefore, MASH is the one which still pioneers the world we never been.
MASH SF SHOP is a SimWorks dealer shop as well. You can also seeSimWorks by NITTOin their film. Amazing huh?