A little something sweet. Sewn by Randi Jo

Randi Jo crafted some more koozies for SimWorks, and we’re pleased to have them available for all of you to enjoy.

For some perspective, if you don’t know who Randi is, take a look back at this article that Shinya wrote back in 2013.


We know people who ride their bikes every day. For people, our leg strength is relatively weak. However when we’re riding our bikes, we’re reminded that these legs of ours are powerful enough to carry us just about anywhere we might want to go.

When we talk about powerful, it can’t always be measured in something like watts. Instead it’s a state of mind that doesn’t hesitate to try to live on your own terms; and that’s them. That’s Randi and her family.

Randi’s sewing room, which is too small to be called a factory, is a homemade trailer home. However, demand for her quality crafted goods remains steady, and bike riders from all over continue to place orders for her thoughtful catalogue of goods at every opportunity. The kids have grown up quickly, looking back at those photos from almost 10 years ago. The vegetables and goats just continue to grow as well. Recently, Rie got Randi to sew us some cute coozies and embroider some SimWorks love on them.

It’s a miracle to know people living their truest lives and following through on their passions and their life’s work. We’re thankful to know Randi and to have kept her close to SimWorks heart all these years. And we’re extra thankful that every once in a while a box shows up in the mail from her- packed gracefully with her wonderful wares, and that ultimately we get to share them with all of you….