【SimWorks By Nitto】Half Moon Rack

A front rack constructed of chromoly- just like your favorite bike frame. An elegant blend of form and function offering utility and practicality in a sufficiently proportioned package.

The ‘Half Moon’ rack is a light-duty front rack with a half moon as a modeling motif.

The front rack is often an underestimated accessory for the bicycle, but once it’s attached, it lends itself to easy and convenient use in so many instances, that it becomes difficult to imagine being without it. Adding a pannier bag to the Half Moon- below it’s top platform, opens up an added realm of carrying capacity.

In attaching a bag to the rack in a higher position, it is easy to access your luggage even while quickly stopped at an intersection or a fork in the road. Ideal for everyday commuting, picking up a few items from the store, or as a light touring accessory.

Use the fender mounting eyelets or cantilever brake pedestals in conjunction with the included crown mounted “diving board” plate.

The legs of the rack utilize Simworks ‘Denden’ bolts to raise and lower the rack to tailor your installation for your particular cycle.

【SimWorks By Nitto】Half Moon Rack


Drawn to the ebb and flow of the tides, and guided by the light it casts- we are constantly reminded of the mood and influence of the moon. Pack an extra layer and a snack for that midnight moonlit ride and smile at the thoughtfully crafted luggage frame mirroring the shape of that orb overhead.

When you place your luggage on the half moon rack, whisper as usual ….♫

……If you feel the pull of the half moon, you just may be able to go further ♫

SimWorks Original new product, Hoshizora Bottle  is also released at the same time and in concert with our connection with the night sky.