【SimWorks by Panaracer】The Homage with new line up!!

The SimWorks Homage Tire –  acknowledged as the best multi-purpose pattern in the SimWorks by Panaracer tire lineup.

Plum blossoms are beginning their bloom and the color lineup of 650B / 700C size has been renewed before the arrival of full-fledged spring.

SimWorks by Panaracer】 The Homage 
$62.00- (USD)

Size : 700x43C & 650x43B
Color : Green x Skin / Black x Skin
Bead : Aramid
Weight(ave). : 560g (700C) / 520g (650B)
*Max400kPa / 60psi

Because it is your bicycle that can be driven by human power, pedaling to a place that you have never visited, reminds us of the early impulse we felt when we were young, when we realized the freedom of bikes. 

The Homage Tire taps into that nostalgia of that initial joyous impulse of a bicycle ride.

Whether through the passage of time, or evolutions in the way you play, underneath the fun of cycling at its core remains the same- and so we offer this timeless design- never to be outdated

From now on, the 650B / 700C sizes, as well as the 26-inch lineup will be available in two colors- Green / Skin and Black / Skin – with the exception of limited and seasonal offerings. All solid Black, as well as Black / Brown will be discontinued.

📸Awesome SURLY Trucker Deluxe build by our friends PONDEROSA CYCLERY!!

Of course, the 26 × 1.95 ″ lineup will be restocked at this time. You can choose either color – in addition to any remaining stock we have of seasonal and limited colors

Please take this opportunity to enjoy Panaracer’s esteemed reputation for producing durable, timeless and versatile tires by installing a set of Simworks Homage Tires. We offer you a more enjoyable and comfortable spring ride to then carry you through all seasons.

【SimWorks by Panaracer】 The Homage 26″

Size : 26×1.95″
Color : Green x Skin / Black x Skin
Bead : Aramid
Weight(ave). : 550g

🌍Some #swhomage build from our friends all over the world🌍

Awesome KLEIN from @itsnotabikeshop

RIVENDELL / Clem Smith Jr Commuter from @circles_jp

LongHaulTrucker wirh limited sand beige color from @bluelug_kamiuma

Beautiful Crosscheck build from @bluelug !!

Curtis from @retrotecbikes ‘s own gravel bike / Photo by @theradavist