SW meets SWapMeet…


It has been almost 3 weeks since I arrived here in Portland, which has our SimWorksUSA headquarter. Time flies so quickly. I ship love to all the states here in America and meeting more people and hang out a lot everyday. This is what is called “TANOSimWorks Style”(TANOSIMU means we work hard and play hard).

Thank for everyone’s supports, now we have several bike shop dealers here in Portland selling our products. I directly deliver the packs by myself when they order us. Every shop has their unique style, like the selection of their items, the way they design inside the shop, also different ride styles at each shop. It has been my pleasure to deliver the packs to all these shops since it is quite a lot of fun to see everyone.

One of these shops called us recently to have a swap meet together.

Swap meet is a culture that people come across with items that they don’t use anymore and barter each other. Now we see people sell items and exchange some information of the bike market. We don’t usually see this kind of meeting in Japan so much except Sekidobashi Flea Market, but we see a lot for automobile.
Even though, I just arrived here in this city, but there is no reason not to attend this great opportunity, so I was able to join them as SimWorks.
The shop which asked us to be a part of their swap meet is Norther Cycles on North Albina Ave. They are really good at Randonneur and touring style managed by StarMichael, Mark, and Brian. To tell you the truth, StarMichael and Mark are the frame builder who has their own frame brands and moreover, Brian is a wheel builder and has his own wheel brand. After all, this shop is managed in a cooperative style.

I wasn’t able to sleep before the day since I don’t know this place and I will be alone ther e forever, so that I actually woke up super early and stepped myself there earlier than expected. I saw some already started preparing. Because of no fees or papers to have a pop up shop here, so that I felt much relaxing and no pleasure at all.

One of the participants brought a frame on his back riding a cargo bike putting what he wanted to sell.

Things I saw there were old components, frames, complete bikes, wears and more. Very reasonable price and very unique items that people had eyes on for a long time. I was selling sample products of SimWorks and some components out of our exhibit bikes. Luckily, people love our items but what I wanted to have, a frame, was sold out while I was talking some at my shop.

I also met some people with family together. When I asked how often they threw a swap meet to the owner, he explained to me that it happens once a half year, but also they sell the old parts and items that staff doesn’t need anymore at the shop as usual. No wonder I see old parts at some stores sometimes.

The reason is that people have mind that they want to use old ones till it completely breaks and even though the item you got didn’t match of fit on your bike, but you can think that somebody does right? It reminds me of the way we sell at Culture Club at SimWorks headquarter shop.
A member of Norther Cycles, Mark assembled Turtle 58 Brass on his own new production frame called The Klicktat Pass.
It was great opportunity that people got to know more about SimWorks and full of gratitude to everyone at Norther Cycles. Honestly, they are the one who mostly enjoyed SimWorks booth though LOL.
Text and Photo by Shige, SimWorks USA represent