‘Yawaraka Atama’ – Hold still; I’m working this out….

Q.Conquer the maze from the start and end at the goal!


How was that? Was it unexpectedly easy?
After all, it’s a straight shot. Perhaps an optical exercise more than a mental one.

Do you recall the more challenging mazes of your youth with an endless string of dead ends…

Imagine one day you’re wearing a soft Atama T-shirt. For example, when lunch is a little crowded, but you’re in line for just a few minutes.

If the person behind you, who is killing that idle time by looking at their smartphone, notices the word “START / GOAL” on your back and unknowingly follows this brain maze: well, that’s what we’re aiming for- a momentary distraction

You can go through the maze and finish normally, or you can go directly from the start to the goal without going through the maze.

Both routes are an option, and maybe there are more ways? It is important to keep your brain pliable- flex your imagination.

With the threats of COVID-19 widespread, people and organizations are living in the dawn of a new era. We’ll adapt and thrive again if we proceed without being bound by preconceived notions and a knee-jerk desire to get back to business as usual.
Our very evolution illustrates that we were able to connect our lives thus far, so I made this graphic with that in mind.

Maybe the folks in the back of the line will just admire your thought-provoking threads, and that soul standing a little closer will appreciate the memory and the distraction. In any case, it’s a connection and a positive vibe expressed. And we could all use a little more of that right now, yes?

It is the true intention of this soft soul to gradually increase the positive moments in our worlds. It was Chaya Minami’s creation. Is it you too?

【SimWorks Originals】’Yawaraka Atama’

Colors:White / Charcoal / Coral
Sizes:S / M / L / XL – Unisex
Print:Daisy Print Works

Cost:58.00 USD