World wide Fun 3 wide world.

SimWorks by Nitto’s popular handlebar, the Fun 3 bar, now has a wider 750mm width option. Please give us a shout!

The secret of popularity? You got me. I like it because it’s beloved by a wide range of riders. Fun 3 is probably the bar I’ll want for the rest of my life. It just works on so many style bikes.

“A normal riser bar should be bent twice on one side!” This Fun 3 bar is bent three times. That’s what makes it unique. How is it? It’s more fun. 3 times the fun!

Fun 3 has a geometry that sits somewhere between the riser bar, which is popular on mountain bikes, and the promenade bar, which is for town use. Fun 3 has me addicted to relaxing long-distance tours. It’s perfect for such a ride, such as exploring endless gravel and suddenly descending into a stream for a bath or to cast my lure.

” Well it’s a strange looking handlebar!” – said by many a rider who also seem to like it, and are also strange.

These are things I’ve come to know.