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Flat 65 fenders

“I’ve been riding on the wasteland up hill and down dale ~♪”, We don’t usually sing a song like that when we are on a continental bike touring, but those who got a tan a lot and came back from long day and night ride from far away asked us, “Hey, are you able to make something wider fender?”.

We were all completely amazed by their eyes which had a spark of life shining even though they lost their weight so much and their growing beards and mustaches and still asked us about the wider fender. Who is going to deny their demands? 
Now, we completed this Flat 65, a big flat fender, H95 by Honjo is adopted.

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Estimated tire width is about 2.0 to 2.3 inches. For 29 inch (380R) are now available, and for 27.5 inch (365R) will be available in late January.


Price: Silver/ $135.00- (USD), Black/ $151.00- (USD)

*Coming with Front & Rear fender & Standard Stay Kit (includes 5mm whittle stay clamp).



Flat 65 fenders

Cool bikes from 21st Ave Bikes, Portland.
Special thanks to Kevin and Kyle.