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SimWorks Wonderer Bar
─────A front tire gets stuck into the muddy road but still I try to go up on a bank with agony. Once I reach on top of the bank, then now what? I need to go 10 feet down straight forward, so I follow in somebody’s wheel track. In order not to loose the traction, I focus on my pedals and make myself into a suitable position by moving my hand from a grip to a bracket.

I do really like this newcomer handle bar called “Wonderer Bar”. It is easier and quicker to move any positions I would like to have by making a cockpit compact. Longer grip can make a performance much better when you use a lower grip. Width lineups are from 370mm to 450mm in increments of 20mm each. It is also good for a smaller rider as well. High reliability by Nitto brand and you can take off from flyover without any worries.

I ride up to an unpaved farm road by spreading mud everywhere from wet dirt road. I change my grip position and I ride super fast like a thunder onto a gravel road straight forward.

SimWorks Wonderer Bar

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SimWorks by Nitto
SW52 Wonderer Bar
Material : Heat Treated Aluminium
Width : 37, 39, 41, 43, 45cm
Center diam. : 31.8mm
Bar diam. : 24mm
Reach : 78mm
Drop : 128mm
Color : High Polished Silver & Gloss Black
Price : $88.00-


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