Welcome ‘PAUL COMPONENT’ to SimWorks!!!


This is going to be my personal talk, I met PAUL COMPONENT long time ago.
When the time that I was into bicycle riding as a sport utility, it was a period that color alumite & machining aluminum was very popular. All these beautiful alumite parts, which was produced in North America well-known for the mountain bike scared place, took my breath away completely. PAUL COMPONENT’s unique production, their designs, and its beautiful finish were outstanding among the others.
What I got at that time was silver MOTOLITE. By having chosen silver color, I thought of myself that I was very twisted person.

Anyway, I am very pleased to be a partner between PAUL COMPONENT after years with SimWorks.


In this winter, I visited PAUL’s factory in Chico, CA, and Mr. Paul himself guided us to his factory and it reminded me of good old days, and I was fascinated with his company, PAUL COMPONENT and his character again.


While, so many bicycle makers moved their manufacturing bases to CHINA and TAIWAN, they keep sticking to their 【MADE IN USA】 style, having essential goal to produce their parts to be used for a long time, and the attitude that they make things for true cyclists’ want. These styles are the same as the stance we have as SimWorks’ world view.
After getting to know more about their concepts inside, we started deeply thinking, “We would like to work with them”, “We want our people to use their parts more often”. and our feelings were getting stronger and stronger.
After we talked to him about our thought toward bicycle, the good old days of using Paul’s product, and a clear image of our future that we must live in at a dinner table in Chico, his hometown, Mr. Paul said, “Let’s do something fun work together”. and he proposed a collaboration idea with us and now this project immediately started after that.

First of all, we picked up some lineups out of many Paul’s products which are suitable for SimWorks color and now we are going to introduce to you special items which we add a little essence of our ideas.

【Product lineups】


*Please take a look at more details through our product pages on links above.
My personal experience that I talked about in the first sentences and I still use MOTOLITE and I only replaced brake shoes and it is still working after 18 years. I, again, started thinking of our new release as a proof of high durability and high quality that Mr. Paul pursues since the beginning through meeting with him.
It is our pleasure to have you, a true cyclist, use these PAUL COMPONENT products in your long ride life. We appreciate your continuos support toward PAUL COMPONENT and SimWorks so far and from now on.

Sincerely yours,