The Mo’s escape from Japan #02

So good to be finally out there again, couldn’t wait any longer to ride around other countries and experience different cultures, food and landscapes. For now let’s see where my #fixedgear will take me, plans already changed and its great to not really know where next!?

Made it out of Tōkyō on Monday, left way too late (what’s new) and made it to Fujioka, Gunma in the darkness, to find only a closed campsite 🏕 but luckily there was a park next to it and as I cannot read no Kanji, what do I know 😬 Woke up from some beats out of a car at 330am, two hours later I had enuff and broke down the tent in the pouring rain to start riding towards the mountains ⛰ Made it to Niigata prefecture just before darkness and figured I’m not gonna stay in the tent for another night (maybe 10 hrs in the rain is enough of an excuse) instead I looked for a cheap hotel, but in Yuzawa everything was above ¥12.000, so I decided to ride another 4 hrs and about 75km in the rain to Nagaoka, cause there were a few hotels under ¥5000 🛁 Continued the next day to Tsubamesanjo to have a few snacks with @runwell_japan 🍻

Today I made it to Niigata City to relax for a few days with good old friends 🍣 🍾

Not sure where next, it looks like its going to rain next week, not really a problem, but only half as much fun, let’s see what the unexpected will bring, no stress, just pure freedom with my good old #trackbike ⚙️ First shot by @tokyonicebikes 💥 Thanks for hooking me up @conti_road 🐊 @champgrip and of course @simworks for the shiny new parts ✨ that are unfortunately hidden behind my beloved @zulu_fixed #bikepacking bags🔥 You call that #trackpacking 😝

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