The first bike.

October in Portland.
After we get into a rainy season, it has been raining everyday and we got hit by a storm and had a minor black out somewhere in Portland last weekend. However, we have a brilliant and refreshing weather this week.

Finally it’s getting calm and easy these days at the wheel department after CX season has started. Greg says, “We are not gonna keep you waiting for our wheels”. Hold on, what is he making on that wheel truing stand? Pretty much small huh?

He has a brother in Atlanta city and now his brother got a baby so that he promised that his first bike will be assembled and gifted from him. He says, “My nephew is now 2 years old. Now it’s time to give him the first bike”.

He says, “If he rides this bike everyday, he won’t have any problems to ride a bigger bike with pedals in the future. I’m really jealous because I didn’t even have this kind of bike when I was small. Can’t wait to see my nephew riding around this bike though. I think I can go to see him in this weekend, so I really hope that the weather is as nice as it is today. Yeah, I need a big box for this with a ribbon gift bow”.

Here is the link that you can order Chris King wheel sets, the best of the best.