Talking about The Homage 26

No matter what it takes, we can’t let GODZILLA come to life again. On the other hand, we revive original MACH SS 26” by Panaracer and add it into our THE HOMAGE tire series. It seems this revival is far from a trend in these days and 26”(559) is rated lower than a standard set, but do you think nobody uses a threaded headset or a quill stem anymore? We know that.

In the 90’s, people were more into off-road bike and the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 adopted a mountain bike and a cross-country racing as an official event. In its name and reality, it became a well-known activity in the world of majority. At the same time, component makers in the world started producing new items and competing each other.
Since these became an official Olympic event, riders from a road racing world began to shift their profession into this. When the World Cup was held after these off-road fever, riders desperately aimed for winning a title and spectators demanded more speed than ever.

In that period, riders claimed a high performance tire in order to produce a top speed rather than just down-hill performance on a tight section. In 1997, Panaracer released MACH SS, a well-balanced semi-slick tire, coexisting with fast-rolling and grip on a corner in a high level. Simultaneously, they also produced and released MACH SK along with SS, because a tire setting was very much important in consideration of the conditions of the road surface at that time.

As we mentioned above, MACH SS was created for racing at that time, however, the tread pattern which pursued the lightness of riding is not only for the off-road biking, but also people started realizing that they can approach it to on-road as well. Since riders can expand their ride regardless of the conditions of the road surface, it was acknowledged as ‘FUN TIRE’.
Making the all terrain tire was an epoch making because Panaracer was very good at touring market. Moreover, this dominant gene was inherited by Gravel King series and now it becomes a part of THE HOMAGE tire by SimWorks.

Size : 26″ x 1.95″
ETRTO : 47-559
Bead : Aramid
Color : Green x Skin, Black x Skin
Weight (ave.) : 550g
Price : 58.00 USD

21 years has passed since MACH SS debuted and it expanded how to enjoy the bike riding so far. We see things are advanced and updated every day and night, just like us, but we don’t throw away things we still can use. We love to go out with the people who owns things they can still repair and fix and use them sustainably, and luckily, we are fortunate to have friends like that around us.

What we do could be a minor thing, but it reverberates through the whole world. THE HOMAGE 26 is created by those who have sympathies in common.