T.A.F.U. water bottle


Restless painter and artist as well as our translator and mediator, yoshi47 designed this bottle for SimWorks.

It’s called T.A.F.U. (Totally All Fucked Up) bottle and now it’s ready to launch onto your hands.

We choose Purist bottle for Less plastic smell.

He says, “Shit happens a lot in anyone’s lives you know… like you are glad that you are alive after a serious accident, or anything hardcore you do on a street, outdoor activities, like surfing, biking, skating…. The more you encounter fucked up situations, the stronger you are going to be and at the same time the more you are going to be wasted and extremely stupid. Moreover, it also makes you incredibly attractive person. Fixed gear, road, mountain, bmx, or whatever that has pedals, they all have dangerous opportunities to get wasted or survived. Once death hates you, it means that you deserve to have an amazing life for sure. It tells us so many things after all. This is not an encouraging text to you or anything like that… I simply want you to go through T.A.F.U. situations as many as possible in order to enjoy your life maximally. Don’t deal with it, just enjoy the moment.”



・Specialized / Made in USA”Purist”water bottle.
・Easy to drink
・No plastic smell
・26oz – 737ml

Price: $15.00 (Tax excluded)



Born in 1981 Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
At the age of twenty, he moved to California, U.S.A. to pursue an art career. He spent four years in the Bay area doing live painting and participating in both solo exhibitions and art events. While living in San Francisco, he discovered a small group of avid bicyclists and became a bike messenger. It was through his experience as a courier that he found his essence of life and the conceptual basis for his art.
In 2006, he returned to Japan. Initially he lived in Tokyo, where he continued to work as a messenger and became involved in the bicycle industry. He eventually relocated to Kariya City for two and a half years to focus on his artistic and business endeavors. In 2010, he spent eight months in Tochigi and afterward returned to Tokyo, where he is currently based. He is involved in art curating, graphic design, company/collaborative projects, and continues to exhibit his artwork worldwide.