【SimWorks by NISSEN】Wired Wire Magic!!

Text & Photo by Yuya Takahashi

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Hello, everyone.
Have you ever really care about the brake and shift wire before?

We regularly carry SHIMANO cable and wire at Circles, but we also carry cable and wire of SimWorks by NISSEN.
I got completely impressed by this NISSEN wire.

Actually, I don’t have any complains about SHIMANO wire since they are world-standard level, which I think.

If I have to force myself to say something, then I would slightly complain that it is stiff.

Since I started using NISSEN wire, I feel this evidently.

We usually make a tight curve for the brake and shift wiring. In this case, if the wire is stiff, then the outer wire and inner cable wear out each other because it has a strong tension, so that a touch of brake lever significantly loose its performance.

However, when you use a soft wire, the tension will get eased and you are able to earn a light brake touch.

NISSEN outer wire is pretty much soft, so that if you need a tight wire routine, then this is the one you are looking for. The more impressive part is the inner cable.
Look at this differences!!!

Both adopt the same thickness, but NISSEN uses double quantity of wire than any other makers, so that it moves very flexible.

If you make a rope with a thin thread, the rope will be flexible, right?
and it directly affects on both brake and shift lever controlling.

It also has a huge benefit to reduce your exhaustion by controlling levers because you can move the lever with a small amount of power.

Let’s think about riding a long distance, the damage of your arms and hands gradually, like a jab
(I’ve never had any experiences of receiving jabs constantly.

This is one of the easiest parts that you feel directly something different when you update on your bike, so if you would like to feel something upgraded, then I would recommend you to try it out.

We also carry various colors, so that you can coordinate your bike freely!