Strawfoot – Lined Shoulder Bag & Road Wrap –

Strawfoot / Lined Shoulder Bag & Road Wrap is available now!

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Garrett Kautz, the original creator of Strawfoot and living in Santa Cruz in the U.S., has fertile imagination and fine sense with his incredible craftsmanship. He started his own hand-made bag brand called ‘Strawfoot’ in 2010 with his bike lover passion as a commuter and a long distance rider.

Now we, SimWorks collaborate with Strawfoot again and release NEW COLOR Road Wrap and Lined Shoulder Bag. Navy and Brown was a strong hit before and we add Black on Road Wrap option at this time. For Lined Shoulder Bag, we don’t change the basic color, but we changed a back cloth color completely into 2 new colors. Now we re-stock Orange x Olive again and available in 3 color options for you.

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Lined Shoulder Bag

Color : Briquette x Tan, Olive x Orange, Cinnamon x RoyalBlue

$ 150.00-


This Lined Shoulder Bag, the original shoulder bag by Strawfoot x SimWorks, has a high durability and Army Duck Canvas fabric is used for a rich taste after using for a long time. Basic model is coming from Courier bag by Strawfoot. We add a strap in order to make a ride stable at a part of your waist to hook at the shoulder part.


We designed a structure to close a flap smoothly; there is a small pocket you can slide your fingers to close the snap button easily. Moreover, a leather washer, which is added to protect the fabric underneath of a dot button and it will show a rich taste after you use it for a long time as well as its canvas fabric.


You are able to put your 13 inches laptop computer inside and has some pockets to organize your items such as your smartphone and wallets.


Road Wrap

Color : Black, Brown, Navy, Charcoal, Orange





Strawfoot’s main fabric is a waxed canvas and natural leather. This Road Wrap is a small seatpack using these fabrics all together. As you can see its product’s name, this pack will come in handy when you ride on a road bike. Make it simple, bring what you need only. Once you use it so many times, the leather strap has its own taste more deeply with some wrinkles and some contrasts. We also use a stainless buckle from KASHIMAX made which Keirin racer recognizes its genuine quality.


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