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Cielo x Honjo

The higher the ratio of riding bicycle in our lives, the more we demand durability and longevity on our bike for sure. We only depend our lives on safe things in this world and however the look and cost is, we think that this is the best way. Since we are able to communicate through this point of view all over the world, this bike culture is getting more interesting than ever before.

It’s like we go over seas with a long line of string holding in my hand and connecting someone’s Can to make Tin can telephone.

Am I using all these components lavishly? My favorite mouth-watering NITTO, HONJO, CHRIS KING, and VELOCITY.

Cielo x Honjo

“Look at this cool bike I built.” Now, please push “LIKE” button!!!
Once I get tons of “LIKES” on my SNS, then I bet it will be shared in the matrix world and my picture will show up to the people who made all these components. I absolutely will be happy to see if it happens.

I am very happy every day even it rains and has strong wind, since my bike is pretty awesome and I can say that this is my best partner.

[Culture Club Makoto’s Daily Bike]
Frame : Cielo by Chris King / Sportif
Handle Bar : SimWorks by Nitto / Wild Honey Bar
Stem : SimWorks by Nitto / Anna Lee Stem (match paint)
Head Set : Chris King / No Thread Set
Saddle : Sella Anatomica / NSX series
Seat Post : Campagnolo / Record
Drive Train : Campagnolo / Record
Brakes : Campagnolo / Record
Fenders : SimWorks by Honjo / Smooth 35 (match paint)
Hubs : Chris King / R45
Rims : Velocity / A23, A23OC
Tires : Panaracer / Gravel King