[SimWorks by Nitto]ON THE ROAD REAR RACK

Sim Works “ON THE ROAD”

We have no idea how many times we have had meetings with NITTO, but at this time, our imagination and their technique collide together more than ever before.

“ON THE ROAD” is a new rear carrier of Sim Works and NITTO collab. This carrier is a minimum requirement to take you wherever you want to go. (Click the image to enlarge)


Color : Chrome Plate & Black
Price : 192.00USD
Weight : 775g (avg)
Additional Load : 10kg


Urban, suburban and country roads are all connected as one road for riders like us all the time and we don’t have to go through a gate to get on a train or even go through a toll gate on a highway. So, it means that why don’t we start getting ready for your travel right now.


A load capacity is 10 kg, which is the most trustable number that NITTO confidently presents, and able to pack one or two days items such as a tent and a sleeping bag.

However, it might work for the situation of buying so many books, having a pile of alternative records, or getting a plenty of vegetables. That7s kind of 10 kg you are supposed to use.



This light and tough tube is made of chromium molybdenum steel, which is the necessary material for touring carrier, and able to repair by welding. It shapes with less pipes, which we dream of, by NITTO craftsmen. Actually, “ON THE ROAD” is made out of one straight chromium tube. Can you believe that?



Chrome plated tube has a cool appearance and easy to paint over it. A black color is pretreated with nickel and electrodeposition coated, so that it won’t be able to corrode itself even though a black paint peel off.



Compatible for both 700c and 26 inches. We are planning to release a straight stay and stay holder.



A good thing about having a bicycle is you are able to expand your trip from shopping to touring. The possibility of having a great journey is depending on this carrier.

The more we release these carriers out of our hands, the more we are able to imagine the ways of lives out there.