SimWorks “Wild Honey Bar” in stock!!

Now SimWorks USA has “Wild Honey Bar”!!! A product from SimWorks by Nitto.


SimWorks “Wild Honey Bar” $ 98.00-

This is the updated version of the famous B135 Randonneur.
A basic shape remain as it was; a reach is (105mm) and drop is (120mm), a shoulder is 7mm up with cramp 31.8mm. Headed Aluminum is used for the material.

Wild honey 1

The shape is the figure of eight in Kanji and the shoulder is slightly up.
105mm reach does not bother us at all.
Since the reach is longer than usual bar and it makes the shoulder part wider, so that you can hold aero lever comfortably. This is the handle bar that you can hold very easily.

Wild Honey 2

Smile Bar is compatible with MTB and Monster Cross, but this Wild Honey Bar is much more compact and fits Sportif, CX, Road and Fixed Gear Bike.

Wild Honey 3

You can relax and ride your bike with various positions : on brake brackets, lower handle, reach part, shoulder part, and upper handle. We would say that this is the ideal randonneur or pass hunter handle for a mountain pass and forest road.