【SimWorks CX Racing】for a better daily life

Text by Toyoshige Ikeyama / Photo by Manami Ikeyama , Kenji Muto , Ryota Kemmochi , Toyoshige Ikeyama

It’s been a whole year I haven’t participated in this cyclocross racing at Aichi-bokujo. Actually I was away from racing for a while. My teammates as well as the team’s ace Gishi and Aya have won a good result throughout the whole season and I think I was released that I didn’t have to push myself really hard. To tell you the truth, I have been into BIKE TO FISHING actually. Not just only that in a real talk, the action to go racing became just a really simple thing like go there and come back home only.

However, I realized that was not true. Going to the unknown land, seeing people there, we share the bitterness, joyful, and fun together. Even though I finished my own racing, I ran to the course then I cheered my teammates and supported them fully. From dawn till dusk. Those were the essences of cyclocross racing for me at that time.

This local race event taught me again how exciting and amazing the cyclocross was.

Riding 1 hour to get to the place from Nagoya. Nothing special, just not that long distance at all just like riding to shop or commute. So, I decided to plan to ride there together with everyone regardless of their participation or not.

Since people came from other cities to Nagoya, so I decided to throw an alley cat race in order to have them have a real fun here in this city. Riders in these days including us has pursued riding in the mountain rather than in the city, but I realized again that this was our starting point of our cycling life. I was glad to see some people who thinks to have a different way to have fun again in the city though. It doesn’t matter if it’s really cold out there because that’s how we play. We sweat a lot and rode like crazy. Taiwan-ramen at Misen made our heart warm enough.

These 2 days passed like a wind, but it has many good stories behind. I was able to purely enjoy myself a lot without thinking of promoting or demoting. The enemy today would become a friend of tomorrow. Cheering and encouraging at the hardest slope should have become some energy for the riders. Yeah, now I’m back to cyclocross again!!!

Everything has been done because of the people at Aichi-bokujo, which provided us a place to ride and of course the organization TOKAI CYCLOCROSS for sure. We finished the official race there, but the racing course are still open till 27th, so if you like to practice or ride around, please visit there by riding. It’s not a special day, it just will become better daily life.

My body gave a shriek of muscle pain for a bit, but now it calms down on this friday.

We just got into the season and if you like to visit another place of cyclocross racing, and if you see us, SimWorks, there, then please support our riders! We also have a cyclocross clinic on Sunday this week, so please come and stop by.