SimWorks by Panaracer: Volummy Tire – Now available in 26 x 2.3″

SimWorks is pleased to introduce a new 26″ x 2.3″ version of our popular Panaracer produced Volummy tire. Plump, round slick tires with a large capacity of air provide a comfortable, smooth and efficient ride. Volummy strikes a sweet spot on puncture resistance and durability with supple, pliable construction.

Wait, 26 inches? Yes, 26 inches.

In response to shifts in the industry and new bike OEM specs, we’re seeing less and less 26″ bikes in the modern marketplace. It’s a rare occurrence to see a modern sport bike released or continued with this wheel size.

So why are we releasing a new 26″ tire you might ask? Needless to say, they are for people who are reusing or continuing to ride old MTBs – which is no small market of folks, and the tire options in that world had been dwindling. There are still a great many 26″ platform bikes in service, people resurrecting them as projects, people who have acquired newer bikes but don’t want to part with the familiarity of their 26″ wheeled friends; etc… And many of these people are wanting to convert these bikes away from their original knobbier treaded builds to something that’s more fitting for an urban lifestyle.

It’s about sticking with standards that have worked for decades; and making use of the equipment at hand. It’s about abandoning the impulse to follow and instead embrace what’s familiar and proven true.

The reason why old mountain bikes are being revisited is not simply nostalgia, nor is it a repeating trend. It is of course true that MTBs have evolved over the years, improving their capabilities and comfort, but dated MTBs can be used as appropriate tools for their own brand of recreation, transportation, and exploration. They’re highly adaptable and practical machines- built from parts that are still available and inexpensive to maintain. It’s not old equipment, it’s a tool with unchanging value, and it’s just right for our modern play and lifestyle.

Thick, strong and plush

Volummy tires are characterized by their strength. Generally speaking, the thinner a tire is made, the lighter and more supple it will be, allowing it to run faster and smoother, but at the cost of making it more prone to punctures. The name ‘Volummy’ refers not only to the tire’s air volume but also to the thickness of the rubber and casing that is selected in its construction. As such, they are more resistant to punctures than regular tires, have a sidewall that is less likely to leak, and seek to balance durability and reliability with nimbleness.

All Volummy tires across the product line are compatible with tubeless applications as well. The weight is lighter, the rim is less prone to impacts even at low pressures, and the voluminous tire width allows you to enjoy a comfortable ride. When tubeless tires are properly set up with sealant, they offer great puncture resistance while allowing the rider to run their tire pressure lower than tubed applications- which increases the tire’s contact patch- thereby offering added traction and a more supple ride quality.

We’ve confirmed for generations that 26″ bikes can be used in countless applications. Maintaining quality tire options in this size will continue to be a priority for SimWorks as we move forward. We’d be pleased to have you consider our new Volummy 26″ x 2.3″ tire for maintaining a bike that you’ve loved for years – or pulling an old favorite out, dusting it off and breathing new life in to it.